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Product Description

Natural gas is used extensively throughout the U.S. to heat homes, and also has important applications in commercial and industrial settings. As it is essentially a fossil fuel, it contains many secondary products that must be filtered out of the methane to render it commercially viable. Once considered an ineffective byproduct of oil production, natural gas is steadily finding a foothold in today’s world.

Natural gas is often considered to be a clean and mostly environmentally friendly source of energy, which makes it one of the most appealing globally traded commodities. The main producer of natural gas is the United States, with Russia a close second. It is believed that almost three quarters of the natural gas reserves in the world are located in the Western Asia and Eurasian regions.

Natural gas pricing is closely tied to that of oil, as both are generally found in the same geographic locales. Also, natural gas and oil act as substitutes for many industrial level users, so as the balance tips in favour of one, the spot price of the other decreases.

Key features of Easy Gas Tracker:

– Keep a close watch of the latest price of natural gas using an easy to read dashboard so as to know when is a good time to enter or exit the market.
– Keep yourself informed of the latest news related to natural gas by reading the list of headline news.
– News ticker displaying important news related to natural gas.
– Receive notification when natural gas price moves more than 7%.
– Share current natural gas price with family and friends.

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